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Furniture & Interior decoration

The Italian-style finish for the interior decoration sector

IVE was developed in 2013 in the province of Brianza. It is in Lechler’s line of paints formulated for the housing sector. This line features a very rich colour chart to delight designers and architects who are constantly seeking new colours and effects to showcase the interior.

The LWE (Lechsys Wood Extensive) colorimetric system for finishing furniture and accessories makes it possible to reproduce, just in time, the largest international colour palettes and the most fashionable shades in the furnishing market. Our unparalleled expertise makes all the difference!

High quality paint for furniture and decor

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Master and children’s bedrooms
  • Tables, chairs and other manufactured items
  • Panels (doors, cabinet doors)
  • Cabinets
  • Interior doors
  • Assembled, rustic and antique furniture
  • Profiles, skirting boards and wallpaper frames
  • Bars and frames
  • Floors

The Lechler promise

Several types of applications

Spray, Airless, Airmix, Roller, Inverted, Curtain Coating, Vacuum, Robot, Electrostatic, Immersion.

A variety of effects to get that style you desire

  • Acrylic for lacquers and undercoats with a metallic, pearl or micaceous effect (Acrylic 10/40)
  • Acrylic for application on smooth glass with a metallic, pearl or micaceous effect (vetrive effect) 
  • Steel/chrome
  • Shiny finish with an anodized steel effect (Anodic)
  • Matte with a brushed steel effect
  • Brilliant with a diamond effect that dances with the light to which it is exposed

Lechler IVE paint in action

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