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Our expertise

More than an industrial paint company

LTC is your trusted partner, saving you time and money.

Our team of technical experts uses a revolutionary colorimetry system to advise you according to your specific needs. We manufacture your industrial paints on site, in just the right amount. Our personalized service will optimize your productivity thanks to an in-depth analysis of the entire painting processes.


Why choose LTC?

  • Our approachable, experienced specialists provide personalized advice
  • We have an exceptional colorimetry system that reproduces all the colours you want
  • We follow an internal verification process to ensure colour quality and accuracy
  • We feature a unique viscosity control you won’t find anywhere else
  • The ability to train your workers directly in the factory
  • We recommend the best spray tools
  • We provide fully-personalized service for all your needs


Listening to your needs

We know that your time is valuable. That’s why our experts are always available for a call or a meeting with you, to answer your requests and prepare your orders, even under very tight deadlines.


Paint cycle flexibility

Our specialists are always looking for the best applications of Lechler colour technology and can recommend the most appropriate cycles for maximum efficiency in terms of results, as well as time savings.


Paint demonstrations

One of our technicians will meet you to present the range of Lechler industrial products and their many advantages. We can also demonstrate the actual product application.


Analysis and advice

Rely on LTC's know-how and network of experts for advice on spray and paint booth products. We’re committed to ensuring the optimal use of our products, and our purpose is to make your work in the workshop easier.


Continuous personalized service

We want to forge a beneficial and lasting partnership with you as your industrial paint company. Whatever your needs, you’ll find a great spirit of collaboration at LTC.


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