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Door and window paint

Lechler: The quality you’re looking for

Do you need paint for a PVC door or window? Lechler is a world leader with a stellar reputation in paint products for doors and windows, both indoors and outdoors.

By choosing Lechler paints, you get access to a range of paints designed for direct application on rigid or flexible PVC and aluminum. The paint’s extraordinary verticality provides a high-quality finish and increased resistance, meeting the highest market standards.

Simply the best door and window paint!


Lechler industrial paint uses state-of-the-art technology and is very adhesive and resistant, providing the perfect combination between an exceptional finish and long-term durability.

Water-based paint

Lechler water-based industrial paint is almost odourless and dries faster than solvent-based ones.

Safe for workers

Thanks to its range of solvent-free industrial paints, Lechler protects workers’ health and safety with an isocyanate-free and NMP-free product.

An eco-friendly product

Lechler raises the bar with its low volatile organic compounds (70 g/l or 0.58 lb/gallon) window and door paint to protect the environment.

The Lechler promise

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